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We started to care for alpacas because of their wonderful, friendly and sweet disposition.  They are great recreational company. We have been making efforts to create self sustainable living and the alpacas just fit in perfectly.  Their soft walk, light weight is easy on the landscape.  They provide for compost preparation which allows us to avoid the use synthetic fertilizers in our gardens and groves.  Their fleece is soft and the clothing made of it is a real joy to wear. Their gentle nature makes it easy to care for them. They are also safe around children.  In general they have a lot going for them. Today we are operating on six acres of land, shared between a young macadamia grove and well-water irrigated pasture on native landscape.

We take pride in offering the best boarding services for alpacas. Breeding services are also available with growing selections of excellent blood lines.

In addition, from time to time, there are select animals for sale from our farm.

Alpaca fleece and natural fleece based products are also available. Along with your purchase you will receive a picture of the animal providing the fleece. When you are wearing a soft sweater or pull up a warm blanket, the comfort is real. The peace and happiness of the animal may be extended to you. 

Alpaca halters, clippers, fiber rinses, fly masks, lead lines and other alpaca related products are also available through us. 

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our animals and customers each and every day. Our web site is being gradually expanded with price list and images.  Meanwhile we can be contacted (see Contact Us) and will gladly provide detailed information on available services and products. 



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